Slate Room Studio is located in the quiet village of Pencaitland, just 20 minutes to the East of Edinburgh.

The studio, run by Engineer and Producer Garry Boyle, was designed from the ground up to facilitate a modern recording experience with traditional engineering values. The facility is, at heart, a high end recording and mixing studio with a comfortable, spacious day-lit control room, separate isolation booth and a large Slate-floored live room equipped with a vast collection of modern and vintage microphones, outboard and instruments.

At Slate Room Studio, we believe that the experience is every part as important to the final recording as the equipment and rooms we have, so every effort is made to make sure your time with us is relaxed, creative, efficient and above all else, productive.

With a decade of experience in a vast range of musical styles, we accommodate projects of all sizes and styles so please Contact us discuss the options for your next recording.

Recent Clients include:

Ags Connolly, Annasach Ceilidh Band, Book Group, Break The Butterfly, BBC Alba, Black Cat Bone, Banjo Lounge 4, The Banana Sessions, Circular Records, Celtic Connections, Castlesound Studios, Dean Owens, Das Contras, Dante, DTHPDL, Echo Arcadia, Fuzzy Star, Filip Blast, Fires in the Alps, Greg Lawson (Composer), Greg Pearson, Gilchrist, Gary Miller, Graeme Steel (Producer), Haftor Medboe, Iain Petrie (Producer), Jacob's Heap, Jamie Argo (Jargo), John Langan Band, Jack Hinks, The Katet, Kat Healy, Lindsey Black, Mike Kearney, Martyn McQuade (Producer), Matthew Rooke, The Maltings Theatre, Marley Music (Bespoke Music Services), Padruig Morrison, The Procession, Pachamama Productions, Roddy Deans, Richard Kass, Real Time Ceilidh Band, The Robin Robertson Blues Band, Regular Music, Scrum, Sea of Crowns, Stuart Mitchell (Composer), Steph MacLeod, Simon Thacker, Sonificade, Summerland Duo, Thunkfish, The Tinderbox Orchestra, Trio HLK, Will Marshall (Composer), Yuzhe Dawangang, Tony Yorston and Zack Moir (Composer).

T: 07855797625

E: info@slateroomstudio.com

The Old School, Parkview, Pencaitland, Edinburgh, EH34 5DW