Multitrack Recorder

Apple Mac Studio 2022 (M1 Max 10 Core with 32GB RAM)

Apple MacPro 6.1 2013 (3.7GHz 4 Core Xeon E5 with 32GB RAM)

Pro Tools Ultimate 2023.3 HDX

HOFA DDP Mastering Software

Avid HDi/o 16x16

Digidesign 192i/o 16x8x8

(System Total 32 Inputs, 24 Outputs)

Pro Tools HDX Pcie

Extensive AAX Plug-in collection:

Universal Audio UAD 2 DSP (Quad and Octo Cards and UADx Native), Waves, Plug-in Alliance, Sound Toys, FabFilter, Antares Autotune, Melodyne, SSL Duende, PSP, Lexicon PCM Reverbs, Valhalla Reverbs, Slate Digital Trigger, Oeksound, Izotope RX 10 Advanced etc...


ATC SCM25a Pro 3-Way Monitors

Avantone Mono Active Monitor

Dangerous DBox Monitor Controller and Analog Summing Mixer

Euphonics MC Controller

Outboard Mic Amps

Neve 1073 DPA (2ch)

Chandler TG Channel (x2) with Passive EQ

Millennia Hv-3d (8ch)

Focusrite ISA 828 (8ch)

RME Octamic II (8ch)

AEA TRP 'Ribbon' Pre (2ch)

Outboard EQ

Neve 8803 Stereo Eq (2ch with total recall software)

Amtec Pultec PEQ-1a

Neve 1073lb 500 EQ

API 550b 4-band (x2)

API 560 10-band (x2)

Chandler TG Channel Passive EQ (x2)

Outboard Effects

Roland Re201 Space Echo (1970s)

Echofix EF-X2 Tape Echo

SansAmp RPM Pre-Amp

Accessit Stereo Spring Reverb

Condenser & Tube Mics

BeesNees Tribute 1 Tube (u47)

Tonelux Jc37 Tube

Neumann TLM 107 Multi-Pattern (x2)

Neumann Km84i (Vintage 1974)

Neumann Km184 Cardiod (Matched) (x2)

Neumann Km183 Omni (Matched) (x2)

Neumann Km185 Hyper

Lawson L47 fet

AKG c414 XLS (x2)

AKG c451b (x2)

AKG 300b with CK91 Capsule (x3)

Line Audio CM3 (Matched) (x2)

Roswell Mini K47

AKG Perception 150

DPA 4099 (x3) with assorted instrument clips

DPA 4061 (x2) with string mounts

Outboard Dynamics

Retro Instruments 176 Vari Mu Compressor

Neve 33609 JD (2ch)

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8 (x2)

Purple Audio Mc77 1176

API 525 Compressor

LA Audio Classic Compressor Dual 1176 (2ch)

DBX 160a Compressors (x2)

Di Boxes and Re-Amping

Avalon u5 Active Di

Radial J48 Active Di

Radial Passive Di (x2)

Palmer Passive Stereo Di (x2)

Orchid Active Di (x2)

Orchid Active Mini Di (x6)

Orchid Active Stereo Di (x2)

Assorted other Di (x2)

Radial Re Amp Box (x2)

TC Teleport GLT and GLR System

Line2amp Reamp Box (x1)

Dynamic & Ribbon Mics

Coles 4038 Ribbon Mics (x2)

AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon Mic

Shure Sm7b

Shure Sm57 (x5)

Shure Beta 57

Shure Sm58 (x5)

AKG D112

Sennheisser e906

Audix D6

Audix i5 (x4)

Audix D4 (x2)

Audix D2 (x2)

Yamaha Ns10 Sub Kick

Placid Audio ‘Copperphone’

Scope Labs 'Periscope'

Electro Voice 635a Dynamic Omni

Schaller Contact Mic

Soup Can Mics (x2)

Headphone System

Custom DACS Personal 8 channel Mix System with 4 mixers giving musicians independent control of their own headphone mixes.

Headphones: Beyer DT770 (x6) and DT102 Single Sided (x4).

Instruments & Backline

Wendl & Lung / Feurich Universal 122 Upright Piano in excellently maintained condition.

DW Collectors Series Drum Kit

Birch shells (20x22”, 16x16”, 12x12”)

DW Maple Snare 13x5”

Ludwig 400 Supraphonic 14x5" (1976) Snare

Pearl Chad Smith 14x5” Steel Snare

Full Pearl Hardware Pack with 4 cymbal stands (boom), Hi Hat Stand, 2x Snare Stands, Gilbralter Throne and Iron Cobra Kick Pedal

Zildjian Avedis 13" Quick Beat Hi Hats

Zildjian Avedis 16" Medium Thin Crash

Zildjian K Dark Custom 19" Crash

Zildjian K Dark 16" Crash

Sabian AA 20" Rock Ride

Fender Telecaster Custom Guitar

Fender Jazz Bass Custom (4 string with P Bass Neck)

Musicman StingRay Bass (4 string)

Tanglewood Parlour Luthier Acoustic Guitar

Assorted FX Pedal Collection (Strymon reverb, TubeScreamer, DS-2, DDL-3, OC-2, Big Muff, ODB-3, SYB-3, Holy Grail etc...)

Vox Ac30 C2 (Black Comet Limited Edition) 2x12”

Supro Thunderbolt 1x15 Combo

Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 5w Head

2x Grossman 12" ISO Cabs (Sealed guitar cabs) with Celestion Vintage 30 (8 ohm) drivers.

Location and Live Systems (hire stock)

Midas M32 Console (with X-Live SD Card Redundant Recording Backup)

Midas M32c Rack Mixer (with USB Recording Card)

Midas DL32 Remote Mic Amp (inc 75m Cat5e Reel)

Zoom F8n - 8Ch Location Recorder (Battery Powered with Phantom Power)

Tracer 12v Battery (Lasts 8+ hours with Zoom F8n)

Apple Macbook Pro i7 Laptop with Qlab 4, Pro Tools 2023.6 and Midas Remote Software

RME800 Interfaces x2 (Rock solid recording and playback interface) with 8ch 2 way passive switcher.

Sennheiser G3 Radio Mics (2x RX, 2x TX Beltpacks and 1x SKM100 Handheld) - Channel 38 (Licence required)

Sennheiser G2/3 IEM System (2x TX and 2x RX Beltpacks) - Channel 70 (No licence required)

DPA Mics (4099x3 and 4061x3) with adapters for Radio Mic Systems with assorted instrument clips.

Please Note: No additional hire charge is incurred for the use of any studio instruments or amps during your session.
Additional equipment available from a range of local hire companies for your session if arranged in advance. Please contact to discuss.

Piano tuning is recommended and at the discretion of the client and is charged at cost (approx £80 as Jan 2023)

Whilst every effort is made to keep this document up to date at all times, Slate Room Studio have the right to alter, remove or add to this list without prior notice.